Authentication Analysis Framework (AAF)


Recently, our paper [1] on the Authentication Analysis Framework (AAF) was accepted and published by Elsevier COSE. But what is it all about? User accounts on the Internet usually support different primary and fallback authentication methods. Fallback methods take effect when the primary authentication methods are (temporarily) not available, for example, because the password has […]

Analyzing GDPR Article 15

When the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented, I made inquiries to many service providers in accordance with Article 15 (right of access of the data subject) – out of my own interest. In the beginning, the requests had mostly the form of emails. Slowly, more and more service providers integrated functions (forms […]

Different Aspects of IT Security

ARES 2022

As I found out, I hadn’t written any posts in the last 12 months. This despite the fact that we had published some interesting papers and three (?) Incidents happened at LastPass. The latter obviously has to do with one of my research topics, identity management. Maybe I’ll write a blog post about it soon. […]

eID and SSI

The eIDAS regulation came to life in 2014. Now it looks like decentralized identities (self-sovereign identities) for eIDs will follow. The idea is interesting: the user is in control of their identities. So far, however, self-sovereign identities has been a research topic and have hardly been tested in real-world. This raises the question which lessons […]