Nerdhorn and Authentication


Authentication is evidence of an alleged property of an entity. To do this, the user authenticates himself on the system, who in turn authenticates him. Authentication is possible using various methods. There are three common ways: Proof of knowledge of information (knowledge), such as a password. Using a property, like a key. Biometrics, e.g. fingerprint. […]

Nerdhorn = Metalhorn


Users like to use pseudonyms on different platforms. These identities can be brought together depending on what information is given there about oneself. So-called de-anonymization is possible if the anonymization or pseudonymization was insufficient. For example, a study on US citizens was published in Nature. Depending on what data was available, the people could be identified. […]

Nerdhorn and Passwords


Identification describes the unequivocal connection of a digital identity with an entity such as a natural person, system or process. Without secure identification, there can be no reliable authentication. A process in at least two stages is used for this, consisting of personalization and identification. This gives you a digital identity that is linked to […]