Further Activities

Further Talks and Publications


  • Video on Tools and Services – CONCORDIA Stories  CONCORDIA Link


  • Blog post on CODE CTF 2019 The 5th Element bei FI CODE  CONCORDIALink
  • Blog post on CODE CTF 2019 The 5th Element bei CONCORDIA  CONCORDIALink


  • Workshop Cybersecurity at EaPEC, Chisinau, October 2018.
  • Talk at the DFN Workshop on RI CODE and Cyber Security, Berlin, 2018.
  • Pöhn, D., Wessel, S., Fischer, F., Braunsdorf, O., Wenninger, F., Seydel, D., Weiß, G., Roscher, K., A Rapid Innovation Framework for Connected Mobility Applications. Fraunhofer Whitepaper, 2018. Pdf


  • Invited Speaker at Bavarian Patent Congress, November 2017.
  • Invited Speaker at Expert Talk IoT Security by Detecon, October 2017.
  • Talk at FutureCar on Center of Competence Secure Networked Systems, Munich, July 2017.
  • Interview on Current IT Security Trends at IDG Link


  • Grabatin, M., Hommel, W., Metzger, S., Pöhn, D., Föderationsübergreifend vergleichbare Datenqualität. In: DFN Mitteilungen Ausgabe 90, November 2016. GÉANT Link
  • Talk at Technology Exchange Internet2, Miami,  September 2016.  GÉANT Link
  • Panel Speaker at 33rd Meeting of REFEDS, Miami, September 2016.   GÉANT
  • X-Win Award at 9. DFN-Forum Kommunikationstechnologien for Improving the Scalability of Identity Federations through Level of Assurance Management Automation.   GÉANT
  • Blog post on Level of Assurance at REFEDS   GÉANT Link
  • Webinar on Level of Assurance at InCommon  GÉANT Link
  • Pöhn, D., Coulouarn, T., Harris, N., Linden, M., Hämmerle, L., Pempe, W., GN4-1 White Paper: Service Aspects of Assurance. 2016 GÉANT Pdf


  • Talk at 31st REFEDS Meeting zu Service Aspects of Assurance – IdPs and Federations, Vienna, December 2015. GÉANT
  • Session at European Workshop for Trust & Identity zu Dynamic Metadata Exchange, Vienna, December 2015. GÉANT
  • Talk at ZKI-Arbeitskreis Verzeichnisdienste on GÉANT TrustBroker: Federated Identity Management, Heidelberg, 1./2. October 2015. GÉANT
  • Demonstrator at TNC, Porto, June 2015. GÉANT
  • Talk at 29th REFEDS Meeting on GÉANT Trust Broker, Porto, June 2015. GÉANT
  • Hommel, W., Metzger, S., Pöhn, D., GÉANT-TrustBroker: Dynamic Virtual Federations – Closing the Gap between NREN Federations and eduGAIN. In: GÉANT Connect Magazine Issue 18, 2015. GÉANT Pdf


  • Session at European Workshop for Trust & Identity on Dynamic Metadata Exchange, Vienna, December 2014. GÉANT
  • Talk at FIM4R Meeting on Géant-TrustBroker – Project Overview, Frascati, 24. April 2014. GÉANT

Committees and Memberships

  • Member of the appointment committee for the professorship Privacy
  • Deputy member of the computer science examination committee
  • Women in Identity
  • Society for computer science (GI)
  • German University Association
  • IETF WG GNAP and OAuth
  • Non-Voting Member Kantara Initiative
  • OpenID Foundation