The digital side of the war in Ukraine

Due to the ongoing digitization and the amount of information, many people are much closer to what is happening in Ukraine than in previous wars. In addition to masses of posts on social media, there are many different sites that collect and analyze different information as comprehensively as possible, e.g., MapHub and Ukraine Live Map. […]

eID and SSI

The eIDAS regulation came to life in 2014. Now it looks like decentralized identities (self-sovereign identities) for eIDs will follow. The idea is interesting: the user is in control of their identities. So far, however, self-sovereign identities has been a research topic and have hardly been tested in real-world. This raises the question which lessons […]

Googeling Nerdhorn


By using the Internet and its services, such as social media, we leave behind data about ourselves. This data can potentially be used for attacks. For example, bloggers’ addresses and vacation times can be found and used for theft. Even pseudonyms can be correlated if things go wrong. It is, therefore, important to think in […]